Mark Allen, Amatuer Photographer, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK,

Mark Allen: Secretary Northern Ireland Photographic Association

Slideshows / Audio Visuals


Slideshows, or Audio Visuals (AV's), are automated galleries that show each image for a few seconds, fades out and then fades in the next image. These are digital images with music (and sometimes narration), that are played on a computer, and often projected on to a big screen. They are made using either 'Pictures to EXE', or' Pro Show', both of which, produce an 'exe' file that can be launched on any Windows based PC, (or a zipped app file for the Mac).

AV’s range from what is known as:
* ‘photo harmony’ (good photography accompanied by appropriate music)
* ‘photo illustration’ (were the photographs illustrate aspects of the soundtrack),
* ‘photo interpretation’ (were the photographs add some extra value to the soundtrack).

All of the above can be improved by adding a script, suitably narrated. These can almost become mini documentaries and when the author uses animation and other digital effects the difference between an AV and a short movie style documentary is slight.


Example Slideshows or Audio Visuals

I offer below a number of my AV slideshows for you to view. (Almost all are exe's for a windows computer. As I have moved to Mac, I will be added Mac versions soon. I have tried the Mac slideshow software, but they simply do not oiffer the level of clarity I can get from Pictures to Exe, as a result I have a win7 virtual machine running on my Mac just for this wonderful program!)

This AV show was awarded 1st Place in the 2008 Northern Ireland Photographic Association, Audio Visual Festival, 23rd February 2008.
2007: Norway (18MB) here

2006: New England (20 MB) here
2006: New England (45MB here
2006: River Lagan, Northern Ireland (6MB) here
2006: Bangor Wedding (13MB) here
2007: Butchart Gardens, Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada (15MB) here
2007: Trees, Rivers, Lakes and Mountains of Canada (30MB) here
2007: Water and Light (35MB) here
2007: Flight over Whistler, Canada (15MB) here
2007: Trees and Light, Cairn Wood, Orangefield Park (9MB) here
2008: Antelope Slot Canyon (15MB) here
2008: Bryce Canyon (15MB) here
2008: Belfast Wedding (59MB) here
2008: Dakota (35MB) here
2008: USA Overview (29MB) here
2008: Crawfordsburn Wedding (18MB) here
2008: A Study in Mono; Windows, Light and Shadow (6MB) here
2008: Mediterranean Cruise (27MB) here
2008: North Coast, Northern Ireland here (18MB)
2008: 911 images of "9/11" here
2009: Panels, 4 minutes of sheer bliss, here (11MB)
2009: Black and white are colours too, here (11MB)
2009: Yellowstone in Winter, here (17MB) Northern Ireland Photographic Association, Audio Visual Festival 2009 PAGB Green Ribbon.
2009: New Zealand; here Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud (22MB)
2009: Tollymore Forest Park, Northern Ireland, here, just two minutes (24MB) YouTube
2009: A Photo Tribute to my son - Robert Mark Allen (1979-2009) here
2009: New Zealand Landscapes, just 4 minutes and only 42MB, here
2009: Julie and Benny, 20MB, here
2010: France, just 4 minutes and only 45MB, here
2010: Yellowstone in Winter, 3840 pixels wide, 168MB here
2010: My Wedding 1979, 16MB, here
2010: Gardens, a church event, 56MB, here
2011: How to use music to link colour and mono photos, 65MB, here
2011: Canada and Alaska, my best slide show to date, 57MB, here

Please respect the copyright of these slideshows. All feedback is welcome.