Mark Allen, Amatuer Photographer, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK,

Mark Allen: Secretary Northern Ireland Photographic Association

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Kevin ad Claie on Crawfordsburn Beach

Kevin and Claire on Crawfordsburn Beach, Northern Ireland.

When all is said and done, photographs are the memories you have of your wedding. They are what stay with you long after the celebrations. Thus, like many couples, my husband and I fretted over choosing the right photographer for such a long time. There are so many choices on the market, and it seems really daunting to have to pick the 'right one'. A family friend recommended Mark. From the start we were reassured that we had chosen wisely. There was the reassuring communications and personable approach from Mark, then the pre-wedding meeting, which enabled us to get to know the photographers. I wish we could comment on their presence on the day of the wedding, but to be honest, we did not notice that they were there most of the time, and when we did, it felt like they were another wedding guest participating in the fun! They made us feel relaxed and we have never laughed so much. This is why, I believe, the pictures are so amazing. because they were natural. We really were laughing and having fun! When Mark said goodbye to us at the end of the night I thought there were about 10 pictures: the ones where I realised the photographers were present. In fact, there were over 1,500 pictures.

If you decide to use Mark for your wedding, like us, the only difficult decision you will face is which photos to choose for your album. Thank goodness for online sites, because there are too many to choose from! Our wedding pictures were the best we have ever seen. We have had so many compliments. I feel so sorry for other couples who have been left with awkward, formal shots for the memories of their day. It should be obvious that we cannot recommend Mark highly enough. We hope you make the same decision we did, and have the spirit of your big day captured in such amazing images. You can see a small selection here and view an Audio Visual here.

Claire Cooper and Kevin White married Mon 7th July 2008